Being closely aligned to the world’s largest sensor manufacturers has allowed us to select and develop our very own best practices for TPMS handling. Whether it’s tyre dismount and remount, sensor specific information or tool specific ecu reset procedures, please click on the various links below to brush up on your knowledge.

Correct tyre dismount and remount procedures
This video helps you avoid sensor damage at the critical stages of tyre dismount and remount.
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We have produced sensor specific videos that will allow you to revise correct removal, servicing and fitment of all the oe sensors we supply.

Fixed angle and VDO TG1C sensor – removal, service and fitment
(Время работы 5:00)

VDO TG1Bremoval, service and fitment
(Время работы 4:33)

Snap-in Sensor – removal, service and fitment
(Время работы 2:59)

VDO MB sensor – removal, service and fitment
(Время работы 3:17)

Beru / Huf sensor – removal, service and fitment
(Время работы 4.35)

General Audit procedures
This video covers customer arrivalwhat should you be looking for both electronically and physically.
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Re-programming the ECU
This video covers the basic principles of TPMS ECU reset procedures.
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Exp’air ECU Reset procedure
(Время работы 2:27)

Activ’air & Eurodiag ECU reset procedure
(Время работы 8:44)

For access to our exclusive technical bulletins or for any other technical support queries you may have, please call the support team on 0208 838 0910 choosing option 4 for TPMS technical.