Why Think TPMS, أعتقد Autogem?

It is important that all tyre technicians are aware of the issues that they may face when dealing with TPMS, so we have set up this TPMS Zone to help our customers succeed with this product category. Please click around our TPMS zone to discover how Autogem’s industry leading program can provide a complete solution for your business whether this be the revolutionary i-sensor, مجسات OE, service kits, ومن ناحية الأدوات, training and even replacement sensors and service kits for American muscle cars.

“Why invest in TPMS equipment?"

If you are unsure whether it is the right time to invest in TPMS equipment and what to expect from a TPMS provider Click here to watch a video. It explains why you should get involved in TPMS and what the building blocks to a successful programme are as well as key questions to ask of your suppliers. Click here for buying advice.

“Understanding the TPMS supply chain”

For a light hearted view on the TPMS supply chain and the challenges and opportunities available to all the key stakeholders, انقر هنا to see our managing director’s relaxed industry presentation.

TPMS is here and it has already been revolutionised…

TPMS (أنظمة مراقبة ضغط الهواء في الإطارات) became a mandatory fitment on all new cars from 1st November 2014.
To read our “2 years on from legislation” blog please انقر هنا.

TPMS has also become part of the MOT test for all cars fitted with the technology that were first used on or after the 1st January 2012.

There is now a legislative requirement to maintain these systems correctly and keep them functioning. يرجى النقر هنا to watch TyreSafe TPMS animation.

The revolution is here:

  • i-sensor is a TPMS programme that gives:
  • Over 95% coverage of all Direct TPMS applications in the UK workshop.
  • Instant availability, as and when you need it.
  • The ability to circumvent the ECU reset and therefore avoid the investment in these expensive tools for TPMS jobs, extinguishing the TPMS warning light safely and almost instantly.
  • Ultimately, saving your business and your customers time and money.

The History:

TPMS systems are installed to inform the driver of low tyre pressures or a sudden deflation of tyres. The primary aim of the legislation in europe is to reduce the overall carbon footprint attributed to cars, by maximising tyre life and fuel efficiency.

TPMS has become part of the MOT test on all cars fitted with the technology that were first used on or after the 1st January 2012. Come 2015 these cars will have their TPMS system checked for correct function as part of their first MOT.

These systems can be expensive to maintain and if not looked after correctly can result in safety issues.

There are two main types of TPMS, direct and indirect with differing features and benefits and there are many different types of sensors and sealing components associated with the more accurate direct tpms systems.

For more information please feel free to browse our video libraries on the left or request a call back from one of our TPMS techs.

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