Autogem is building for the future with a new mezzanine level in its warehouse to provide greater efficiencies and speed of product delivery to customers.
The expansion, which has taken place in the second year of our move to Autogem House in Abbey Road, creates 400-pallets’-worth of additional space, which in turn allows us to house more of our award winning aftermarket products.

The investment arrives on the back of new barcoding picking systems, to further underline our pledge to be an even more efficient provider to the automotive industry. The new mezzanine floor ensures that all products are easier to locate and pick, saving vast amounts of time in the process.

In addition to the building work, optimisation of space has already begun at our North London site. By studying key metrics across staffing, product heat maps and logistics, picking times will be reduced and more ambitious delivery times will be met as a result.

The new mezzanine flooring doesn’t signal the end of our investment, either. We will be bringing more projects to reality in the future, featuring further automation to become an even slicker operation.

Об этом заявил управляющий директор Прашант Чопра.: “We understand that business continually evolves and we have to keep evolving ourselves to remain at the forefront of the aftermarket sector. We’re expanding rapidly in terms of physical size and our offering to customers will only improve as a result.

“This move will cement our place as leading supplier whilst ensuring the best possible care for our customers from the moment they pick up the phone to the moment our products arrive at their forecourts. We wish to take this opportunity to thank our partner customers for their patience during the build phase. Optimisation of the working area has already begun and they will start reaping the benefits over the coming weeks and months.”